Ted unintentionally funny

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Working hard to guarantee Mexican-American voters detest the Republican Party:

America should launch the “Please Go Home” initiative for those 20 million or more illegals in America as soon as possible.

The “Please Go Home” initiative isn’t jingoistic or racist as the real vicious racists will proclaim. It is fundamental, logical immigration common sense.

The GOP will disagree with my proposed initiative because they believe that, to win future elections, they need to attract Mexican-Americans to the GOP. The GOP undoubtedly believes my initiative will further alienate Mexican-Americans. The Democrats will despise the initiative because they benefit politically from these folks.

It’s got to suck to be bought and paid for …

If the vast number of illegal Mexicans in America pack their bags and head back home, there will surely be an economic impact. Prices for food and other services will probably go up.

Prices for food and other services will probably go up. Savor that one. After all, Ted’s writing it from deep inna heart of Texas.

And at the Washington Times, Nugent compares himself to Thomas Jefferson. Because Thomas and him were/are extremists:

Like our Founding Fathers, I’m an extremist, and I wear my extremist label proudly. I buff it daily so that it shines extremely bright.

It’s Ted the parrot, another strike-out column repeating Tea Party orthodoxy he learnt just last year: Only Tea Party Americans understand the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

Everyone else — lefty schnook socialist pond scum.

Again, the second column isn’t worth your time. While Ted insists Thomas Jefferson would be branded a radical today, he never gets around to presenting anything that would make you think that ol’ TJ was quite the extremist like Ted.

For instance, there’s nothing obvious in the historical record to indicate TJ might have endorsed shooting cats within city limits.

And there’s nothing in Jefferson’s history to compare with Nugent’s non-speaking role as an outdoorsman sidekick who shoots various Mexicans with his bow and arrow in Toby Keith’s criminally unappreciated easy to fall asleep on the couch to Beer For My Horses.

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