A man after Ted Nugent’s heart

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This just in from a Houston Press blog, an item about a Corpus Christi man arrested on animal cruelty charges for shooting cats with bow and arrow:

The saga began when a 26-year-old woman found a (still living) “gray and white cat with an arrow through it.” She contacted police and told them about a neighbor in her apartment complex who she said “has a history of shooting at animals with a bow and arrow from his back patio,” according to a press release from the Corpus Christi Police Department.

When officers talked to the 20-year-old [Kevin Shumake], according to the release, he “admitted to shooting the ‘wild cats’ in the complex.” Officers arrested him and found “bow and arrow equipment” in his apartment. They then called animal control officers to try to catch the injured cat, which “fled into a field. While searching for the cat, officers found a dead black and white cat named ‘Batman,’ with two arrows through it.”

The woman who called the cops, as well as her young daughter, “became very upset, as they considered ‘Batman’ their cat,” according to the release …

It is, of course, no surprise to read of such random cruelty perpetrated against pet animals.

What makes the story interesting, and you must clink the link to see the picture, is its coincidental connection to Ted Nugent. A photo included with the news piece shows Nugent with his bow and arrow kit, smiling, with the caption that even “the Nuge don’t bow-and-arrow no pussycats.”

This may have been true at one time. Or maybe not.

But, as readers know, the Nuge recently advocated shooting cats in a column for the Washington Times.

[I] have instructed my family, friends, hunting buddies and casual passers-by to blast every feral cat they see,??? Nugent wrote for the newspaper.

As DD discussed, the problem with taking charge of controlling the feral cat population in such a manner inevitably leads to the shooting of someone’s beloved pet. Because, in the field, it is difficult to distinguish feral cats from pets.

Which is one of many reasons shooting cats is illegal in most places in the United States.

In any case, the Houston Press blog item on the random cat shooter nabbed by police generated an additional comment on Nugent, here.

Ted wishes happy holidays and Merry Xmas to readers of Ammoland. With a vintage and humorous clip from David Letterman.

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