Would I still know that guy?

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll at 5:06 pm by George Smith

The Inquirer must be putting its old record reviews on-line.

I had forgotten it had actually reviewed the Highway Kings’ Arrogance album in 1986.

By Ken Tucker, along with a review of Alice Cooper’s Constrictor and Stacy Q:

DICK DESTINY AND THE HIGHWAY KINGS Arrogance (Destination Records, 1216 W. Cumberland St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 * * * ): It’s less arrogance than devotion that compels Dick Destiny to sing – his howl nearly drowns out the real reason to listen to this record, i.e., the guitar playing, which for all I know may be done by Dick Destiny (lack of credits on the album jacket there, Dick). Anyway, the lead guitarist knows his way around everything from blues to heavy metal and doesn’t condescend to either genre. If the lyrics have no purpose other than to hymn rock cliches – the road, love and rock-and-roll its own bad self – the music convinces me that someone in this band is in it for the passion, not the potential for stardom.

If there were any lyrics on it devoted to love, I’m a monkey’s uncle. But hey!

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