Cyberfrequencing in Pasadena: Spam, spam, spam, spam!

Posted in Phlogiston at 12:49 pm by George Smith

When one does a show, a website or a blog with the word ‘cyber’ in its name, one ought to work a little harder to not appear adrift and without a paddle … in cyberspace.

KPCC in Pasadena, DD’s hometown, hosts Cyberfrequencies, a show and posting site devoted to covering celebrity news on the web. Its latest piece on famous showbiz blogger Nikki Finke is here.

Sadly, Cyberfrequencies is also a gold-plated spam magnet, its pages littered with comments from a variety of fraudsters hawking everything from cheap insurance and prescription drugs to erectile dysfunction medications. “Share thy Booty” is the unintentionally hilarious title of this post. Mouse over the links, note the uniquely and colorfully named domains. For fairly obvious reasons having to do with patterns of malicious misuse on the Internet, you won’t want to follow them.

And here’s another example.

About the only thing missing are links in Cyrillic and escort listings for prostitutes in India.

Hey, someone tell ’em their fly is way open in cyberspace. Be nice. They look very new to this.

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