Palantir, bush league security firm, allies with BofA against WikiLeaks, gets pantsed

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Palantir Technologies, a private sector spying firm for corporate America, got pantsed, along with others (HBGary Federal, Berico Technologies), today for targeting Anonymous, WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald.

The firm doesn’t realize the unsympathetic bad press about to fall on it for putting Salon’s Greenwald in their confidential slide presentations here.

If anything, the story emphasizes the utterly creepy and rotted nature of such companies and the people they work for, in this case apparently Bank of America. Which is already a much hated American corporate institution.

‚ÄúTraditional responses will fail; we must employ the best investigative team, currently employed by the most sensitive of national security agencies,” reads one exposed company e-mail, presumably referencing the planning of a private sector-led attack on WikiLeaks.

If anything, it makes one want to cheer Julian Assange’s promise to expose a big US bank. If this still holds true, he should do so with even greater speed and vigor.

The picture now in play is of the squealing pig private intelligence firms, crying to US law enforcement for protection and redress, after proposing and launching a campaign against the hacking group Anonymous and WikiLeaks.

“Palantir was built by technologists serious about protecting privacy and civil liberties,” reads the company website.

So planning to spread disinformation and bad rumors about Glenn Greenwald, who writes almost exclusively about civil liberties being trampled, has something to do with protecting civil liberty?

Ha-ha. Good luck with that one.

Take a look at these fellows. You’d have to go a long way to find a bigger vanity-riddled bunch of nerd dandies.

They all wear the same team frock!

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