Cult of EMP Crazy: Attracts legal services for the vulture economy

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Everything about the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy is odious. Accordingly, one of its new chieftains is Trent Franks, a relatively unimportant Republican congressman famous only for his extremist beliefs.

These include:

The president is not an American, global warming and evolution are hoaxes, African Americans had it better under slavery, shariah law is poisoning the precious bodily fluids of the US judicial system, and extended ammo magazines are an American right.

This kind of general world view of the people pushing protection against electromagnetic pulse doom has bearing on the way one regards their argument. Even with the most gentle interpretation, they’re dodgy and glabrous characters. And they are only interested in things the GOP is now notorious for, like blocking progress and siphoning money to the plutocracy and various corporate pals.

So it’s not a surprise when you see a Washington law firm whose business is basically siphoning money to the plutocracy — promoting outsourcing, homeland security and Wall Street financial services — support the Cult’s hobby horse.

Such firms see protection against EMP doom as just another way to suck taxpayer dollars into client coffers, in this case Wall Street investment firms like Goldman Sachs.

A .pdf here explains elliptically why such firms are interested in the mischief being created by Franks.

What it boils down to is simpler than it reads.

Any legislation adopted, and I’ve stated before there’s not a lot of chance Franks’ bill will survive, would nevertheless present an opportunity for further legal amendment. Since it might affect large portions of the power-transmitting infrastructure in the country, the private sector must be involved. Therefore opportunities will exist to divert potentially large taxpayer sums to the usual corporate parties.

It is also unsurprising that the same memo, authored by the Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan legal firm, also supports Susan Collins’ Orwellian-named Cyber Security and Internet Freedom act, previously stalled because of resistance to Internet “kill switch” powers.

Collins has resubmitted it accompanied by blandishments that the new bill doesn’t give the president “kill switch” power. Critics in the technology sector, and there are many, aren’t having it. They still consider it a rotten fish.

It is.

A recent news article reads:

Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ latest proposal to beef up the country’s cyber security has a new name and language explicitly denying the president the so-called “kill switch” power to unilaterally shut down the Internet.

But so far the legislation’s makeover has failed to win over the technology community, libertarians and civil rights advocates, who worry the bill still gives the president and the government too much power to disrupt Internet communications.

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