Black Rose

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An obscurity from 1980, this is Cher fronting a hard rock band with her post-Greg Allman boyfriend, the poor woman’s Greg Allman, Les Dudek.

Remember Allman and Woman? Well, if the answer is no, I’m not sure I like you. Heh.

On Geffen, the Black Rose vinyl packaging worked hard to disguise Cher’s membership until you opened it up.

Unsurprisingly, to me anyway, Cher’s more than acceptable as a hard rock singer although discussion of the album, when it occurs, has never been kind. For “Julie,” a metal torch song with chugging guitar, Cher randomly bends over and shakes her butt, a stagy but always popular move. Note the mysterious co-singer in tight shirt on the right.

Black Rose quickly dropped its petals although the vinyl, which you don’t see in used bins at all here, has been pirated to the web. And TV excerpts of the band for Wolfman Jack are on YouTube after having been disappeared from public consciousness for decades.

A hysterically funny cheap champagne-drenched review of Cher’s Black Rose, perhaps penned by someone familiar with her many drag club diva impersonators, is here.

“The heavy chugging of Julie is borderline embarassing,” it reads. “Julie is definately [sic] an upturned-collar polo-shirt-clad lesbian.”

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