Nugent compares Wisconsin protesters to Al Capone

Posted in Extremism, Ted Nugent at 10:42 am by George Smith

Ted Nugent hates more on the Wisconsin protesters and the state senators who have left for Illinois.

The insults and name-calling range from calling for the hanging of Democrats, to bringing up Chappaquiddick, to insinuating the state politicians are lower than Muammar Gaddafi because at least the dictator is choosing to stay and slaughter people to the end.

Some excerpts:

This juvenile, pro-union stunt has only tightened the political noose for Democrats in 2012. Hang ‘em high.


Just as it sank the presidential aspirations of Democratic poster boy Ted Kennedy when he ran away and hid for eight hours or so before reporting to the police that he had driven off a bridge with a female passenger, this stunt is going to bleed Democrats of support


No Democrat is going to turn on the labor unions. Al Capone and Jimmy Hoffa live.

Terminally whacked as he is, at least Col. Whackjob Gadhafi has so far vowed to stay and fight to the end in Libya. He hasn’t run away yet from the mob of Libyans looking to lynch him, but maybe he hasn’t been following what is happening in Wisconsin and Indiana.


Americans intrinsically know that running away is a sign of weakness…

Weaklings, cowards, having less stones than a crazy dictator, like Al Capone and to be figuratively hung. Did I miss anything?

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