AdSense futility and funnies

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Select posts from here are syndicated at GlobalSecurity.Org’s SITREP here.

Originally, as part of that, the idea was to give the blog contributors Adsense. The term “revenue sharing” was used.

In practice, “revenue sharing” with anything Google means Google gets all the share.

That’s because AdSense, as a model, makes no sense for individual writers. Even if they plaster it all over their pages.

The ads are always woefully inappropriate. The algorithm that chooses them is dumber than dirt. And the click throughput is marginal to non-existent.

Now, if you exist everywhere all over the globe, as Google does, it works. For everyone else, it’s just giving Google free space.

I wouldn’t have actually looked at this closely — in the back of my mind the little voice always said it was a scheme of trash — if the Adsense things hadn’t suddenly stopped running on the SITREP posts.

This was because Google halts them if it decides you need to update your tax information.

When I looked at the problem on my Google dashboard, this is what I discovered.

Google doesn’t pay until a $100 threshold is reached. However, long before that milestone, it will summarily badger you to keep updating your settings with verifications of phone numbers, personal identification numbers and additional tax filing information.

Anyway, in 18 months of SITREP contributions, AdSense had earned me a big $15.00.

Readers will be amused to be informed there’s obviously no click through to an endless procession of brain dead ads for “military challenge coins,” dubious degrees in intelligence from seemingly non-existent schools said to be somewhere in Fairfax County, Virginia and power supplies and water containers shopped to gold-hoarding extreme right survivalists and assorted white supremacist kooks who believe hyperinflation and the end of all things are nigh.

At the rate AdSense was making money for me, it’d be a mere seven years before Google cut my first check. Laughable and worthless don’t even begin to encompass it.

Today’s raft of AdSense rubbish — go check here: An ad for AdSense (!), a blandishment that Glenn Beck is “broke” from one of the more popular neo-Nazi extreme right political websites, and come-ons for military-style emergency radios and flexible water tanks.

What an astonishingly good deal.

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