Crazy — the new natural

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Permanent Fail at 10:05 am by George Smith

Good news, lads! Good news! There’s another Sarah Palin, only better and getting bigger.

Michele Bachmann shows up 34 seconds in. Wait for the scene where her campaign sign is upside-down in the background. (Incidentally, the stitch Nazi now seems benign compared to what was elected in Michigan and Wisconsin.)

If I were to do it over, I’d remove the Hitler parody from Downfall. The President isn’t hopeless. Instead, I’m convinced he has a plan.

Mr. Obama knows the Republicans don’t have a candidate who can beat him in 2012. He sees the television news channels and all the pundits enthusing over a Bachmann run and knows the GOP is so dominated by telegenically insane people like her it can’t possibly win a presidential election.

So the President doesn’t have to lead or take chances. He can continue to allow the country to go to hell, to ignore Wall Street looting, to allow the jobless to languish and be forgotten. He can decline to get involved in fighting for unions in the heartland. He can even institute cuts to domestic programs that result in more people being put out of work because he’s adopted a “Firings Will Continue Until Unemployment Goes Down” strategy to co-opt Republicans.

Obama can go to community colleges and make empty talk about winning the future, travel to South America to cement more off-shoring and arms deals for what’s left of US manufacturing. And he can start a pointless war which, unless I’m missing something, will peter out as soon as the US military stops most close air support aimed at destroying Moe’s heavy weapons. Which will leave a lot of NATO overflying of two new failed states, one with Moe in his bunker plus oil, one without those two things, maybe like a big version of Djibouti.

It will continue the war boom in the US. There is no political cost to it.

And he’ll still get elected because the Michelle Bachmanns will move the GOP standard for a presidential candidate into ever more fearful and atrocious territory.

However, Mr. Obama’s plan won’t be free for the Democratic Party. By the time the election rolls around, many of us will again be so alienated and depressed by his inaction and expedient policy that the country will be faced with what happened as chronicled above.

The potential exists for the Tea Party to take the Senate and even more of the House away from the Dems when the base, dispirited, stays home or becomes unenthusiastic about holding its collective nose and voting for people simply because one party is ragingly nuts and inhumane, the other not so.

The popular uprisings in Wisconsin and Michigan aren’t guarantees the tide will turn in Dem favor, particularly now that they’ve been moved off most of the news.

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