Bombing Moe: Token orders of battle

Posted in Bombing Moe at 12:29 pm by George Smith

This map from the Pentagon, furnished through Globalsecurity, shows the US still doing the heavy lifting over Libya yesterday. Everyone else, by the images, has virtually token presence. Of course, it may change. Or maybe not. However, the message continues to be that this is a big allied campaign.

The Odyssey Dawn order of battle shifts daily, seemingly dependent upon the unease various members of the ‘coalition’ have with their role and profile, particularly any alleged contribution by members of the Arab league.

For example, while Qatar was said to be sending a force on the first day of action, their yachts and US-made jets have yet to show.

The United Arab Emirates air contribution, said to be six F-16’s and six Mirages, is shown here. Whether they’re actually in action is another matter.

A Turkish diesel submarine, mentioned yesterday, is listed in the naval portion of the Libyan action here. As is Spain’s.

As I said, little submarines (as well as glorified merchantmen) seem to be a big way to get mentioned as a ‘coalition’ partner.

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  1. Chuck said,

    March 25, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Libya shows us that PNAC (now Foreign Policy Initiative) isn’t dead. Kristol is over on the FPI website urging Obama to support the freedom fighters and that conservatives should push for “viictory” (whatever that is).

    I see lots of little lies in this escapade (such as “no fly zone” military attacking ground-based troops. (What’s the flight ceiling of an M-109?)

    But what’s the Big Lie? You know what I’m talking about.

    WMD’s in “Dick and George’s Excellent Adventure in Mesopotamia”…
    “Give us bin Laden or we’ll come and get him ourselves”…

    What’s the whopper in this latest shenanigan?