The new country hit infecting the land! Extra!

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He’s all shook up!

As promised, here’s the newly found recording career of Bruce Ivins, the USAMRIID scientist declared the anthrax mailer by the US government.

But Ivins, in addition to being the best bioterrorist US money could buy, was by all accounts a man of many talents. His fondness for entertaining with music and keyboard playing is documented in newspaper stories worldwide.

And so the founder of Bona Fide Records, Rick Noll of Pennsy, has discovered, recovered and brought to the attention of a fascinated country, the bioterror scientist’s 7-inch vinyl, recorded as Bruce Ivins and the Country Boys.

Courtesy of Noll, DD has the music now posted here for your listening.

Noll informs the single was found in Abbottstown, PA, about forty miles northeast of Frederick (and USAMRIID’s Fort Detrick), Maryland, up Rte. 15.

Last week, the blog discussed the single here:

[The scan shows] a white label vinyl 7-inch single produced by Nashville Recordings, a record-making facility that ďdid a lot of small pressings in the 70s and 80s, with a NR # for their records they pressed,??? Noll tells me. ďMost likely a couple hundred or so were done …???

ďThe 45 is a hoot,??? he says. ďIt has to be the same guy.???

Maybe so. We donít know for sure. Perhaps itís all phlogiston, Bruce Ivins and the Country Boys another Bruce Ivins ó not the Bruce Ivins at the center of the anthrax case. Itís all just a coincidence, what Klaatu was to the Beatles, sort of. Itís just one more mysterious embellishment contributing to the fascination over lore connected to the nationís most famous bioterrorist. Like the FBI/DoJ case against Ivins, the evidence is circumstantial yet still compelling.

“Pass Me By” with a B-side of “All Shook Up” sounds just fine. And it could easily be Ivins as a one-man band. Whether or not the drummer is a real person on both tunes is difficult to tell. The A-side sounds like the former. In any case, by description Ivins was adept with his multi-faceted keyboard. The guitar line, for instance, is a keyboard simming it.

But now — the music!

Pass Me By.

All Shook Up.

Would you look at what came down the road today … You sure look like the traveling kind to me …

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