Poindexter Puzzled

Posted in Permanent Fail at 8:57 am by George Smith

David Brooks is puzzled by the “gloomy” mood of the civilian populace.

Things are getting better, he intimates:

Over the past months, we’ve seen a fascinating phenomenon. The public mood has detached from the economic cycle. In normal times, economic recoveries produce psychological recoveries. At least at the moment, that seems not to be happening.

Public opinion is not behaving the way it did after other recent recessions.

Krugman easily takes him apart with a few graphs:

The left hand column shows federal spending on unemployment, food stamps and social security, the huge bulge in social safety net spending because of the broken economy.

“At some point something is going to happen to topple the political platform — maybe a debt crisis, maybe when China passes the United States as the world’s largest economy, perhaps as early as 2016,” writes Brooks in today’s column. “At that point, we could see changes that are unimaginable today.”

Perhaps we should wish for the GOP to suicidally push the country into default and bring about that crisis, if only for a chance to be rid of David Brookses.

What he’s trying to say but is too timid to go for is the country is ripening for revolt but except for Wisconsin, can’t quite get it together like they have in the Middle East yet. It’s clearly not getting done through elections.

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