Electromagnetic Pulse Theatre

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Phlogiston at 3:41 pm by George Smith

Electromagnetic pulse is now the official plot device for most invasion science-fiction or any drama the requires the nullification of the US military.

Paradoxically, the US military is hardened against EMP — the old Cold War thing, remember. Hadda be able to continue mutual assured destruction even if everything else had fallen down.

Anyway, the trailer is from Falling Skies, a new alien invasion series for television.

I made the point when reviewed Battle: LA that any “alien invasion” that has weaponry that relies on the same things we know — explosives, projectiles, with some directed energy thrown in on the side — is doomed.

No invading force with that level of technology can bring enough with it in supply to prevail.

Plus, there’s the mixing of the incompatible. If you have levels of armament only superior to western might by matters of degree, not orders of magnitude, than you can’t travel faster than light, either, and you’d never have been able to get here.

But if you have some miraculous faster-than-light travel then any civilization you encounter that doesn’t is like ants beneath the feet.

The Stargate franchise got around this by having found wormhole gates.

And Battlestar Galactica‘s science never impressed me. And Sanctuary, Eureka and V were and are just ridiculous.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good show. The trailer to Falling Skies doesn’t provide many clues to its dramatic quality.

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