The Sheriff for stamping out the trivial

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Permanent Fail at 11:02 am by George Smith

When incapable of the significant, take another page from the GOP playbook. Wave your arms and make a big noise about how you’re stamping out trivial stuff that costs the taxpayer pennies when compared to the money being blown out the exhaust pipe for endless war.

On Sheriff Biden from the wires:

In a message on the White House website entitled, “There’s a New Sheriff in Town,” Biden addressed potential cuts to spending.

“And I bet you didn’t know that your tax dollars pay for a website dedicated to the Desert Tortoise. I’m sure it’s a wonderful species, but we can’t afford to have a standalone site devoted to every member of the animal kingdom,” Biden wrote in the message also sent via email to supporters. “It’s just one of hundreds of government websites that should be consolidated or eliminated.”

Stamp out wasteful webpages. How daring and against government excess. Next he’ll be on Fox with John Stossel telling us how he’s heroically eliminated the sucking hole that’s endangered species entitlement spending.

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