The Heevahava vote

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Heevahava is an insulting description, a Pennsy Dutch pejorative.

I brought it to the web a few years ago. That’s my definition at the top of Google search, not by my hand but lifted from an old irregular Crypt Newsletter feature called the Joseph K Guide in the early Nineties.

In political discussion on the old blog I often used “heevahava” in 2008 to describe white voters in mid Pennsylvania between Philly and Pittsburgh, right where I grew up.

It defines ignorance.

Randy Toman, the ex-union anti-union nonsensical scripture-spouting Bethlehem, PA, blogger who advocates for religious instruction in schools, on occasion linked to here, is virtually a picture perfect example of the white voter who always votes against his economic interests.

On his blog, Toman regularly indicates he hates paying for secular education and schools, laments the lack of Bible schooling in public life, and — therefore — is now running to be a director of the Bethlehem Area School District. (Incidentally, he’s also big on imminent collapse of the dollar conspiracy theory.)

James Carville described this political demographic a long time ago: “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.”

And that description now always ties to the question, “Why do poor whites always vote for the people who harm their livelihoods the most?”

Vulgarly, heevahavas, are ignorant, or very misled, on the issues which will have direct influence upon them. But they are easily inflamed and mobilized by emotional cultural issues and a rage against “elites.”

This problem has become more pronounced in the US in 2012, successfully fed by very visible national decline, unstable irrational political leadership, economic collapse and the natural scapegoating that has resulted when the desperate are trying to keep heads above water.

And technology, particularly the media and the Internet, has not been a leveler. Specifically, because neither yet effectively communicate truth. The antidote is personal and direct education on the economic issues which dictate quality of life. Destruction of labor equals destruction of the middle class wage earner.

Anyway, tipped by blogger IZSmirkzz , I direct you today to a piece in the Locust Fork News Journal, one profiling and having discussion with a social scientist who devoted his life to figuring it all out. And furnishing solutions to the dilemma.

A few teasers from the piece, entitled “Why Do Working Class People Vote Against Their Economic Interests?”

Dr. [Wayne Flynt, professor emeritus, Auburn] says the political problem working people face is what he calls “hard support” for Republican and conservative politics …

“They don’t want to pay taxes. They don’t care about public schools,” he said. “They particularly don’t want to pay for black kids in public schools. They are not going to subsidize schools in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Mobile, in the inner-city. And they are certainly not going to support schools in the Black Belt, where virtually all the kids are black.”

So people like former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, a.k.a. the “Ten Commandments Judge,” who is now talking about running for president even though he can’t even win a Republican primary for governor in Alabama, argue that the “real issue” is abortion, and the solution is posting the Ten Commandments in public places such as courts and schools.

“Well, obviously, posting the Ten Commandments is not going to make that happen,” Dr. Flynt said.

“We’ve just seen by what happened in Wisconsin what the real agenda is: To make the United States like Alabama was in the middle of the 19th century.”

People in Wisconsin were even talking about the so-called “Southern policy” toward economic development. “Of course above all else it is anti-union,” he said. Basically it means: “Keep unions out (and) stop regulation of business.”

“I think you are going to see a lot of elections turn around in 2012 in places like Wisconsin and Ohio, where finally, apathetic voters discover that all those battles that were so painfully won by your mother and father, your grandmother and grandfather, are going to be taken away if you just apathetically sit there on your rear-end …

So, he said: “What labor’s going to have to do is find a way to communicate with their members who are interested in the economic issues and the future of their jobs, and their kids’ jobs, and using that media in order to educate themselves, educate their members, tell their members, ‘Hey! Have you watched this? Cause you really need to watch this. Because this is where you’re going to learn an awful lot of stuff … about regulations, about jobs and about the future.”

You must read it.

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