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From the Bolting the Door After the Horse is Gone and Died of Old Age Years Ago Dept.:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The photograph on Home Depot’s website shows a line of smiling soldiers unloading a truck stacked with power tools and other company wares.

The company says this shows “federal dollars go farther at The Home Depot.” San Francisco Attorney Paul Scott says the photo also shows the company providing Chinese-made products in violation of the Buy American Act, and the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating.

A federal judge in April refused Home Depot Inc.’s bid to toss a whistle blower lawsuit Scott and other attorneys filed against the Atlanta-based company. Now the country’s largest home improvement retailer is the latest company accused of running afoul of the Buy American Act, a 1933 law aimed at protecting U.S. jobs. The law requires that all materials used in construction of public projects originate in the United States or “designated countries.”

As a practical matter, this probably encompasses cruel and unusual punishment. That’s because it’s virtually impossible to find any goods not made in China (or other Asian country) in middle American big box stores.

Google Boolean for Home Depot, power tools, and made-in-China minus Buy America Act. Ha-ha.

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