A plutocrat firm gets its stuff taken by the cyber-paupers (a continuing series)

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Smilin’ Mike and his firm, targeted by Anonymous. The ‘they had it coming’ rule in action.

From the Beeb:

A file containing more than 90,000 e-mail addresses plus passwords, logins and other information was put on The Pirate Bay file-sharing site.

The group [Anonymous] said it stole the information by targeting a poorly protected server on the defence firm’s network.

Booz Allen Hamilton declined to comment on the incident.

In text accompanying the download package, Anonymous said it was “surprised” at how easy it was to infiltrate the server given the consulting firm’s record of working on defence and homeland security.

If one goes to the Pirate Bay and reads the preamble from the group, it carries the strong scent of they-had-it-coming. Which I’ve mentioned previously.

Specifically, Booz Allen Hamilton and its cybersecurity operations director, Michael McConnell, are targets probably because of the very large role they played last year in cyberwar hype.

McConnell took it upon himself to enter the opinion pages of the biggest newspapers, to appear on 60 Minutes, trumpeting the danger of cyberwar. In computer security circles this was seen by many as abusive revolving-door behavior aimed at transferring more taxpayer money to Booz Allen’s cybersecurity contracting.

Booz Allen has been very strongly committed to hiring computer security specialists from the clutches of the government then leasing them back at premium rates.

And I covered the business quite a bit about a year ago, here, in Cult of Cyberwar: When Booz Allen’s mouthpiece attacks.

Look for the box containing the number of counts for Booz Allen and Michael McConnell appearances in the press. They were definitely working it.

Earlier this campaign got into Lockheed Martin, another business very big in providing contracting cybersecurity services for the US military.

At this point in time, national cybersecurity interests have nothing to do with betterment or benefit for the middle class. Basically, its part of the ruling class/warrior class/arms manufacturer tier. Alert readers will have noticed this isn’t about shadowy enemies attacking what the cyberwarriors are always going on about — a threatened infrastructure, water and power. Instead, it’s an attack on the firm that regularly used the ‘argument’ as a reason for awarding it more contracts.

When you see discussions of cyberwar in the mainstream media, that’s where it’s coming from, not from any altruistic desire to protect the average person’s life from something bad. It’s all about money and the financialization of cyber-defense.

Computer security, the lack of it, on the global network is a very substantial problem. But our cyberwarrior contractors aren’t really about fixing it or even managing it in some equitable way. Think of them more as the clouds of flies following garbage trucks to the dump.

Collected posts on Michael McConnell, Booz Allen and cyberwar — here — from the archives.

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