Hey big newspaper, wontcha do the right thing, huh?

Posted in Decline and Fall, Made in China, Rock 'n' Roll at 9:26 am by George Smith

It’s apparent that big American companies simply won’t do the right thing, even if it’s small.

Personally experiences, over the weekend, with the Washington Post and DD’s discovery of it running a banner ad for Chinese-made electric guitars specifically aimed at fraudulently trafficking on American products.

And it was still running the banner yesterday. Maybe today. I don’t check the place every day.

Do your part to destroy any American manufacturing, even if it’s only small. Every little bit helps.

You can read the entire dissection here.

The nut of is that the banner ad run by the Post was from some operation selling knock-offs of famous Gibson guitars. Gibson, an iconic guitar manufacturer, does have factories making electric guitars in China. But those guitars, sold in the American market as a cheaper alternative to domestically made instruments from Gibson’s Nashville facilities, are -specifically- recognizable as Epiphones.

Their headstocks, trademark names and various different choices in hardware mark them as such.

The instruments advertised through the banner running at the Washington Post do not fall into this category. They are either cheap knock-offs, counterfeits, advertised in some fraudulent way, or a combination of these.

The Washington Post does not need to help in the job of undercutting US business for the sake a few Internet advertising dollars. In this, it is on the side of the bad guys.

DD knows the line about capitalists willing to sell one the rope you’ll hang them with. But really now …

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