Made in China: Counterfeit Paul Reed Smith guitars

Posted in Made in China, Rock 'n' Roll at 1:36 pm by George Smith

After DD screwed up the plan for selling counterfeit guitars through the Washington Post ad feed last week — and I did screw it up a bit — Google property has now been enlisted.

The same Chinese-made “brand” guitar selling site now hitches to Google AdSense on YouTube, where they’re attached to guitar store demos.

I tipped Gibson’s legal department to the Post ads last week. But I’m done with the good Samaritan pro bono work.

This week it’s a different premium American brand name guitars being victimized — Paul Reed Smith in Stevensville, MD.

Paul Reed Smith is never mentioned in the advertising. But all the models the ad links to are Paul Reed Smith steals.

The routine is identical. The guitars are photographed with obscured headstocks.

PRS guitars are top of the line, domestically. A number of years ago the company offshored some manufacturing to Korea and those models are called Paul Reed Smith SEs. They’re in the medium price range.

The Chinese-made counterfeits all sell in the same slots occupied in the Gibson funny business at the Post last week — the high 200 buck range.

Which is an entire order of magnitude cheaper than domestically made Paul Reed Smiths and about half the price of Korean-manufactured models.

And I’m done chasing this stuff around — for the time being. If the Post had to be hectored into doing the right thing. And then Google took up the slack, American guitar manufacturers are on their own.

Good luck stemming the tide when your countrymen work for the enemy.

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  1. Mark Smollin said,

    August 7, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Glad you are on the case, and pleased I did not buy any of the phony models.

  2. João said,

    August 7, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    Speaking of the Chinese have you this http://goo.gl/h3Yz3?
    You know what that means?


  3. George Smith said,

    August 8, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Dagong Global Credit Rating Company’s chairman Guan Jianzhong said the US dollar is “gradually discarded by the world” and the “process will be irreversible,” CNBC reported on Sunday.

    Generally speaking, I bet some US economists would expect emission this from the Chinese. But it’s a bit of a water pistol as there is no substitute available to take over. Until there is the dollar will solidly remain the reserve currency.

    These are political statements. The Chinese have no place else to park their money. They’re kind of stuck as much as we are with their manufacturing. But they can ellipitically comment about bad leadership and the political regime of the US being unstable, which it is, because extremists from the far right, specifically the Tea Party, seized enough power in 2010 to crash things. Which they have proceeded to do. One thing they can be counted on for — they are unswervingly true to their words, no matter how crazy.