Stop the presses! Infiltration of websites discovered by top reporters!

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, War On Terror at 11:56 am by George Smith

Today’s laugher — in addition to the usual ads for counterfeits — comes from a review of Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker’s book, Counterstrike.

Readers will recall DD crashed their New York Times coming out party on ricin bomb plots a week or so ago, putting something of a crimp in their major scoop.

Once published here and in the Google News tab at Globalsecurity, there was no escaping the take down.

Today, a review of Counterstrike reveals more remarkable scooping by Schmitt and Shanker.

From Bloomberg News, we are informed that the Counterstrike book deals with — gasp — cyberwar!


To sow distrust and confusion among jihadists, the United States also uses a technique of “webspoofing” called “false band replacement,” where U.S. intelligence officers infiltrate networks to post their own materials.

The agencies have forged an al-Qaida “web watermark” that in effect “makes messages posted on these sites official,” Schmitt and Shanker wrote.

We invade jihadi websites! Really! Don’t laugh. They’re serious!


Boy, how did I get all this stuff back in 2007? Could it have been from someone “webspoofing” and getting into jihadi websites?

How many want to see DD write a book?

Counterstrike’s current list price of $27 seems a bit dear, all things considered.

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