Today’s situational funnies

Posted in Phlogiston, Rock 'n' Roll at 12:13 pm by George Smith

YouTube continues to send DD blandishments, all for monetization of the slide show and video satires of the tunes shown here.

Naturally, since most of these are satire, or coupled with imagery aimed at lampooning various subjects, they run afoul of YouTube’s strict copyright limitations which basically make it technically verboten to use another corporate owner’s imagery to hoist them on own petard.

Which is why they get the view counts in the first place.

By no means are these songs “hits.” But they do get views and, apparently, the algorithms notice.

Second situational funny, the constant juxtaposition of “The Pothead Anthem” by Janis Joplin — at the top of the “recommended videos” column — on an increasing number of my properties. (See here. I’m so lucky.)

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