The Empire’s Dog Feces: The never-ending invisibility cloak story

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 9:26 am by George Smith

The invisibility cloak is a story that’s been around for years, reliably numbing and nauseating people who aren’t insane for weapons technology.

About a year ago a couple scientists began having trivial successes at essentially duplicating mirage effects.

From a Yahoo news blog called The Lookout:

A University of Texas Dallas scientist is working on developing a technology that would delight Harry Potter fans everywhere–an invisibility cloak.

Ali Aliev uses carbon nanotubes–which look like pieces of thread–and then heats them up rapidly until the objects beneath them effectively disappear …

Aliev only has the capacity to make tiny sheets from a few threads … Luckily, many other scientists around the world are also working hard on this technology.

It’s brainless drivel. Luckily, “other scientists” are working on this. If we get any luckier there will be 30 percent real unemployment and a war with Iran in two years.

Remember my inner bias. After twenty years of this repetetive gee-whiz-miracles-galore puffing and blowing I despise Alvin Tofflerian military gadget freak stuff and the groupie journalism industry that caters to it.

And who and where are the invisibility scientists we’re lucky to have boffining away at this? In England, trying to make a tank harder to see at night. Like, in case, there’s a war against someone else with big tanks in the distant future, or something.

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