Arms manufacturing = plutocracy employment

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Fuglemen and women for the arms manufacturers are common on news casts. And they will become moreso as the pleas to stave off defense cuts rise to the heaven. It will cost many thousands of jobs, they have said and will say.

This short video explains how their function is in the realm of duplicity. Arms manufacturing spending isn’t jobs rich when compared with equivalent dollars spent on non-military domestic needs, like teaching or infrastructure.

The private sector companies pushing defense spending invest in high end hardware, not people.

This is easy to see in 2011 because direct spending on people has produced a system in which a noticeable number of soldiers need food stamp assistance. Defense contractors, uh-uh.

This is the plutocracy manufacturing model, more for the small percentage of wealthy, nothing or very little for everyone else. It is the same as General Electric’s domestic manufacturing of giant jet engines and high end whole body medical imaging machines. (Both of which the company is currently pushing in a public relations tv ad campaign.)

These items cost a lot but the making of them, relatively speaking, doesn’t employ that many people. Which is why investing in teachers or infrastructure repair produces so many more hires.

In addition, when you hear that arms manufacturers, or companies like Boeing or GE or Northrop Grumman want the government to invest in scholarship money and training for more engineers and science people, it’s for the development of big ticket items and expensive weapons applications. In this we are talking really small numbers in the national big picture, a few thousand to ten thousand or so, as contrasted with the many millions out of work or chronically underemployed.

In the description to the above YouTube-posted video:

“Now that the deficit committee failed, war profiteer CEOs are launching an all-out propaganda campaign to protect their profit margins. They and their allies in Washington are working to protect the massive, corruption-filled war budget by slashing social safety nets that help create jobs. This would be a disaster for our economy.”

(Hat tip to Pine View Farm.)


  1. Christoph Hechl said,

    November 29, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    I propose hamster wheels:
    Pay people to run 8 hour shifts in giant hamster wheels to produce energy.
    By setting up enough of those you would also create a decentralised energy net, which imho is the best solution anyway.
    If you say, that this is a stupid idea, then i will agree, but still can’t help thinking, that somewhere there is someone writing a makeability study about this.

  2. Dave Latchaw said,

    November 30, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    No problem. Just put the wheels in nice buildings with flashing lights and loud music. Sell cool outfits, advertise on TV, visit Kathy Lee and Hoda, rake in the cash.

  3. Dave Latchaw said,

    November 30, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Sorry–I left out the part that people will pay to do this.