Cult of EMP Crazy: Roscoe strikes back

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 12:40 pm by George Smith

Perturbed by the semi-bad press the New York Times gathered for the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy/Newt Gingrich piece a week or so ago, Roscoe Bartlett, the ancient GOP Congressman from Maryland who is one of the cult’s leaders, replied:

Threats to the United States from a shockwave of electricity known as an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, are not “far-fetched??? …

Americans should be relieved to know that the bipartisan Congressional EMP Caucus, which I head with Representatives Yvette Clarke (a Democrat from New York) and Trent Franks (a Republican from Arizona), is working with colleagues to protect our grid from EMP.

The House unanimously approved the Grid Reliability and Infrastructure Defense Act in 2010 to give the federal government needed authority to protect the grid against EMP. Legislation to protect the grid against EMP is also advancing in the Senate.

Bartlett, as is always the case with the cult, calls the issue bipartisan. It is bipartisan in that the GOP-led electromagnetic pulse doom caucus has always been successful in getting one or two insignificant Dem congresspeople to be pets (or sock puppets).

It’s a role custom-fit for Congressmen with either no ability or no inclination to author any meaningful legislation. For example, if you try to find anything significant by Bartlett, or birther Trent Franks of Arizona, it’s a tedious search.

Bartlett on first: Preparing for life after electromagnetic pulse doom is fun, he implies.

Does Roscoe Bartlett look like someone anyone with a shred of sense would pay attention to? Rhetorical, obviously.

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