The Empire’s Dog Feces: Not quite a Screamer

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle at 1:39 pm by George Smith

No surprise, the US Army has committed 5 million dollars to bring smaller flying assassins to bear on paupers.

Called the Switchblade, here’s Aerovironment’s promotional video for the item.

Five million seems a fairly small outlay for a drone order, suggesting performance restrictions not apparent in Aerovironment’s promotional video for the Switchblade. Limitations seem to be that it doesn’t really do anything a direct fire heavy weapon can’t do more cheaply or by something in the air and already on call. And the company’s stock price, over a six month period, still looks generally stagnant with a slight decline.

Various advertisements suggest the Switchblade limits “collateral damage” to civilians in proposed assassinations.

However, would you stand next to the person targeted? From the promotional video, it seems not.

The post title references the bleak science-fiction movie, Screamers, and the Autonomous Mobile Sword.

At Aerovironment, a soCal firm I’ve occasionally touched on as one of the dingleberries of the Empire’s Dog Feces beat, they wish.

Look at these horrible booger-eating nerds.

“The Switchblade is a pretty cool piece of kit, it is a nice culmination of technologies … that have come to the fore for very small but lethal technology,” says the man in the video.

You can’t satirize the US national security business.

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