Bomb Iran (an occasional series)

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Way way back DD blog gamed a confrontation between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf. It seems slightly pertinent to drag it out with today’s chatter about Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz and the US Fifth Fleet’s ability to stop it. Which would be considerable. The only limitations would seem to be having enough ammo on hand to handle the turkey shoot.

Reads the Washington Post:

In addition to the threats, Iran has started a 10-day naval exercise to demonstrate what it calls “asymmetrical warfare,” a military doctrine aimed at defeating U.S. aircraft carriers in a potential Persian Gulf conflict by using swarms of rocket-mounted speedboats and a barrage of missiles.

DD blog gamed it, as part of a larger thing which included going after the Iranian nuclear program, in 2007.

The strategy doesn’t work.

And a summary is here.

The Iranian navy has a very short and exciting life in Operation Radiating Rubble,” I wrote.

Iran’s relatively paltry naval assets are here at GlobalSecurity.Org.

Beware the Green Pantywaists.

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