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From the WaTimes:

Here we go, boys and girls – Business 101 from the Motor City Madman. Pay attention. Class is now in session.

While public servants, neither of these guys created a single job in the private sector. Not one. Businesses hire people. Public servants do not.

Other public servants did not hire the public servants who deliver Ted’s daily mail in Texas.

Other public servants did not hire the public servants who might defend Michigan’s Dept. of National Resources from a nuisance lawsuit Nugent recently seemed to imply he would file against it:

Rocker and hunter Ted Nugent plans to sue the Department of Natural Resources over its order declaring swine used at special hunting ranches to be an invasive species. Nugent, who owns the Sunrise Acres Ranch near Jackson, claims that the invasive species order was illegally issued and is being illegally enforced. Nugent cited a loss of business through immense stress and hardship because of the DNR’s public campaign to unlawfully enact and enforce the order. A hunting ranch in Negaunee has also filed a notice of intent to sue on the issue. The DNR will begin actively enforcing the order in April. The order is legally effective, but the department delayed enforcement to allow the facilities time to remove swine.

Public servants did not hire the public servants of the Texas Fire Service who gave Nugent an award last year after he starred in a prevent-brushfire commercial for them.

The public servants administering public schools nationwide do not create jobs when they hire teachers. All in your imagination.

The US national security apparatus and its public servants do not hire hundreds of thousands of civilians to staff its intelligence, staffing and logistical services.

Anyway, we know Ted Nugent is a terrible writer, an embarrassment. I would ask his high school English teacher, if still alive, if he was better as a student.

But embarrassments are often rewarded well in America just because they are a convenient. Kurt Vonnegut, an excellent author and writer, built entire works of fiction on this kind of cynicism in the national identity.

One piece of advice often given to people who struggle to write well: Write about what you know.

Notably, Ted has never written even the slightest about that which he does best: play guitar.

Perhaps he has threatened to do so and I have overlooked it. And perhaps he will actually write a book about playing guitar some day rather than repeating, like a trained parrot, some trash from the church of Republican extremism.

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  1. Mikey said,

    January 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Oh Howard…if you could only be The Nuge I admired so many years ago, playing your axe instead of stumping for an increasingly alarming group of extremists. Yank Me, Crank Me! (though much material sounded the same if played back to back…)

    DD, during the time when you co-sysoped VIRUS-L a paper was circulated called Virus False Authority Syndrome on Compuserve. It was, to me, an excellent treatise about folks in general who thought that expertise in one field gave them the “right” to think their opinions mattered in a distantly related field, or worse: That the public spotlight highlighting their talents and personas in one area allowed them the illuminating luxury of spewing forth in many others where no such level of expertise existed. That, to me, is the Howard of today.

    He got a lot out of those Gibsons back in the day. Somehow it doesn’t make up for what he has become. More of a Motor City Mad Hatter…