Howard supports Gordon Gekko

Posted in Ted Nugent at 6:25 pm by George Smith

Just in time for the tanking of Mitt Romney’s support and his acquisition of the dubious image of a querulous rich man whinging about class war and envy while stashing his earnings in the Cayman Islands …

Ted Nugent comes out in the WaTimes for him.


By the time you read this, Mitt Romney may have released his tax returns. Letís hope not.

The real reason Mr. Romney is being pressured to release his tax returns is because his fellow GOP presidential candidates, his hateful critics and crazy Demoncrats live to wage class warfare against him for being successful. This is so very wrong.

There is this toxic, anti-American idea that has surfaced that financial success is something that should be questioned, maligned and condemned and is somehow malicious. This is dangerous and dumb.

Nugent has been wrong every time he’s commented on GOP presidential contenders. Around a year ago he found Donald Trump intriguing. Months later he endorsed Rick Perry. These sallies went well.

If I were a betting man I’d almost tempted to take the position that you’ve no chance to be President when Ted Nugent attempts to ride to the rescue because a rival is winning by painting you as a corporate vulture.

If you’re a later-comer and don’t understand my references to Ted as “Howard,” it’s from the a character in The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

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