Excrement magnet chosen to speak at West Point

Posted in Extremism at 4:19 pm by George Smith

Jerry Boykin, for want of a better description — America’s answer to Otto Skorzeny — is in the news again for being chosen to speak at a West Point prayer breakfast.

Over the course of the war on terror Boykin has routinely been associated with a special version of repellent crackpot extremism.

Here’s a video from a couple years ago, juxtaposed with Sterling Hayden’s Gen. Jack Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.

It speaks for itself.

Here’s Boykin as one of the co-authors of the Islam-o-phobe Team B report which claimed shariah law is sapping and impurifying the precious bodily fluids of American justice.

And here’s a longish bit defending the right to preach against gayness and Muslims while praying for the future of America.

And here he is again with more anti-Muslim shariah-law conspiracy thinking.

“The Muslims would replace our Constitution with shariah … I am very concerned about this … We should not give first amendment protection to people who want to destroy our Constitution and replace it with shariah …” and so on.

Naturally, Boykin’s slated appearance has created a stink.

Don’t count on West Point to do the right thing and say “No thanks.” The big hearts and minds, well, in this case it looks like they don’t got any.

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