Jerry Boykin, Glenn Beck, Cult of EMP Crazy

Posted in Extremism at 10:23 am by George Smith

Jerry Boykin, in the news recently for being chosen to lead a prayer breakfast at West Point, was recently featured on Glenn Beck.

That video from Beck’s TV show is here.

Since being dismissed from Fox, Beck isn’t nearly as famous or influential. Here he laments Boykin’s withdrawal from the West Point prayer breakfast after the resulting media imbroglio. This is attributed to “atheist groups.”

The majority of the segment is devoted to, once again, discussing the infiltration of Islam into US society, impurifying the precious bodily fluids.

Frank Gaffney, an old chieftain of the Cult of EMP Crazy, is also on hand, intimating the country is a hotbed of seditious anti-American activity, mostly in the guise of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR and others, everyone in the segment agrees, are working to replace the US constitution with shariah law.

A blueprint exists to destroy America, it is said. And it is “to destroy America from within,” says one of Beck’s guests.

“We’re in trouble … they are dismantling us from inside,” says Beck. “At what point does one say, ‘This is treason,” he adds.

The threat of Iranian missiles launched from barges off the east coast, is discussed.

Unintentionally, it’s quite a display of paranoid obsession.

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