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“U.S. communications regulators will unveil on March 17 a blueprint aimed at bringing fast affordable Internet access to more than 90 million Americans being held back by fees and technology,” reported Reuters today.

Cue big horselaugh.

Such a promise must be anathema to current US Internet service providers, regularly bent on advertising connection speed ‘bargains’ that aren’t bargains at all — marketed as as ‘bundling.’

Reuters continued:

The Federal Communications Commission said on Tuesday that the long-awaited National Broadband Plan will try to help connect 93 million Americans to high-speed Internet to find jobs, access educational and healthcare services, and reduce household energy costs … The FCC, which in August started a series of fact-finding workshops, will submit its recommendations to Congress on March 17, in an effort to lift the United States out of the 19th spot behind Japan, Korea and France — the leaders in a 2008 world ranking for broadband speed.

One could spend hours musing how the GOP might reframe any US government effort to improve broadband in the country as tyrannical and un-Constitutional. Or consider the words of little Tommy Friedman on Sunday, advising that everyone will have to cope with having much less of everything. Except him.

It will never get to that, though. The US is not a ‘can do’ country. It’s not much a leader in anything except on what can’t be done.

To succeed would require an actual investment in infrastructure upgrading, creation of a resource not shaped by current Internet access sale as an unfairly priced commodity rather than a utility which must be delivered to all cheaply, and a dedication to see something happen that was good for the civilian population, not the free market.

Readers will note the prescription/prediction, safely moved into the distant future so no one will remember the big words a year from now,

“Last week [an FCC official] said he wants Internet service providers to offer a minimum connection speed of 100 megabits per second by 2020,” it was told.

As opposed to the greater than one order of magnitude less crap you have now.

The future of FAIL in the US is immense. FAIL holds such an advantage in the way things are done now that nothing can impede it much. Certainly not promises and talk from someone in the FCC.

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