Prepper prescribes poultices for Pox

Posted in Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 12:35 pm by George Smith

Say it five times fast.

Neem oil and turmeric are prescribed for smallpox, just in case the disease comes to your bugout location after the collapse. Turmeric is said to be good for acne, too.

Smallpox was eradicated in the world population in the late Seventies.

Watch now. The prepper disables embedding when she discovers the wrong people are watching. Hee.

You can also do the overdub the soundtrack trick I did with the Scorpions and Taxi Zum Klo a week or so back. Mute the smallpox prepper vid and immediately launch Act Naturally, below.

Much better!

All they gotta do is act naturally … I hope you’ll come and see ’em in the movies.

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