Cult of EMP Crazy: The kid’s angry and won’t take it

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 2:41 pm by George Smith

It is fashionable amongst the commentariat to ignore any information larger than a tweet, but this should frighten you out of your wits: a major, very recent report on the very high probability of total economic destruction of any (yes, any) advanced country by a single nuke-tipped SCUD from a lightly modified freighter offshore.

It’s a big report, but you can just read the preface and crap your pants. 7 mb pdf

(Link to report read thousands of times deleted.)

To respond to your dismissal with any more science that is already placed in front of your unseeing and apparently evidence-canceling eyes is a waste of time. You don’t believe in Compton electrons, SCUDs, or nanosecond pulses. I guess I wasted my time at Florida State working on the linear accelerator, and at Navy A school in electronics.

You know it all. Every opinion is biased, anything scary is just someone working for a lobby.

It’s a shame what was done to Bobby Bowden.


Time to act on Iran now, Mr. President, because they could bring on EMP doom with a SCUD in a tub — about the hundredth time this year.

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