Now dead and gone, iSteve assholery continues to new heights

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 3:48 pm by George Smith

Fortunately for California law, Steve’s plan to embed Wonka gold certificates in iKit was nixed.

Writes yet another consumer electronics beat bootllick at Yahoo:

Sadly though, the contest was not meant to be. Not only were Apple marketing gurus against the promotion, but California state law prohibits contests that require a purchase to enter.

Yeah, in this case too bad lots of people buy iKit in California, sadly including the DD band’s fine drummer.

One suspects Cult of iKit fans would have lined up to the moon for an expensive ticket, made in China, and a chance to be tortured by Steve Jobs channeling Willy Wonka.

You doubt it? Just look at those meat blobs. They’re born for it, the kind who’d eat a bag of rabbit turds that cost ten dollars if Apple’s name was on it.

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