Cult of EMP Crazy well-repped at Breitbart’s Big Peace

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 8:24 am by George Smith

UPDATED Andrew Breitbart, he of the fabricated race-baiting scandal which resulted in the Obama administration’s cowardly firing of Shirley Sherrod yesterday, has also launched a national security website — Big Peace. It looks to be as full of made-up rubbish as everything else he has done, which according to Media Matters, is plenty: That’s right. […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Catastrophism story as tool of narrow special interest group

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 9:20 am by George Smith

National Georgraphic’s special on electromagnetic pulse doom was hijacked to the web just prior to the weekend. Originally, it was briefly shamed by Jason at Armchair Generalist here where you could see the initial trailer. However, publishing the entire thing to YouTube, where one assumes it will soon be yanked for copyright violation, allows the […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Boffin insulted

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 2:03 pm by George Smith

The Cult of EMP Crazy can’t let a week go by without getting into print. Anything will do — stories in major newspapers and magazines, opinion pieces or long letters. Even when a journalist writes a weakly critical piece for something like Foreign Policy, as Sharon Weinberger did about a month ago (see here), the […]


Cult of EMP Crazy — The Congressional Nuisance

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 9:30 am by George Smith

UPDATED If there is an alternative illustrative definition to the word persistent in the dictionary, it is the Cult of EMP Crazy. It is a fringe group of GOP politicians and staffers who are the most extreme among the extremists. They encapsulate the worst aspects of our political culture (the new normal, in other words) […]


Nugent as Jack Ripper, endorses Team B

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Ted Nugent at 8:18 am by George Smith

Ted Nugent’s latest essay in the Washington Times is the third in a series of anti-Muslim rants he’s penned this summer. Bafflingly, some of these are now being reprinted in a Detroit newspaper. Nugent endorses the Team B report that Muslim extremism, in the guise of Shariah law, is taking over America. Indeed, if so, […]

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