Anthrax deniers keep trying to clear Ivins with their word processors

Posted in Bioterrorism at 12:03 pm by George Smith

The New York Times again did no one any favors in pushing another story on the regular campaign, by a few from the fringe, to revise the anthrax case. It’s the anthrax Ivins-denial-and-conspiracy crew, keeping up the effort to clear the man through the power of their word processors. . In this case, it’s a […]


Creepy Bruce Ivins was the anthrax mailer say psychiatrists

Posted in Bioterrorism at 11:39 pm by George Smith

News broke Tuesday of a psychiatric report commissioned to evaluate Bruce Ivins’ mental health and medical records. The report confirms Ivins was a creepy, mentally unbalanced man fond of harassing a national girls’ sorority. These qualities fit the circumstantial case the FBI built against him as the perpetrator of the most famous bioterror attack in […]


The Benefits of Bruce Ivins: Anthrax hoaxes, now up

Posted in Bioterrorism, Extremism, Stumble and Fail at 12:13 pm by George Smith

The government is out of control! I’m heading to the store for envelopes and baking powder, lads. Bastards will pay! DD runs a daily search on “anthrax” at the Google news tube. As do many. And everyone has noticed that minus hits for the heavy metal band named Anthrax, hits on powder hoaxes have ticked […]


EMP Crazy and Ivins Denier

Posted in Bioterrorism, Crazy Weapons at 12:20 pm by George Smith

Maryland GOP Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has the great distinction of not only being one of the chieftains of the Cult of EMP Crazy but, now, also a member of the anthrax conspiracy club. Aiding Rush Holt, Bartlett is a co-sponsor of a rider attached to the recent intelligence funding bill. The rider asks the administration […]


The mystery of pensioner ricin

Posted in Bioterrorism, Crazy Weapons, Culture of Lickspittle, Ricin Kooks at 1:35 pm by George Smith

A chin-scratcher from Vermont: SHELBURNE, Vt. (WCAX) The FBI is now investigating poison found at a Shelburne assisted-living facility. Police say they responded Tuesday morning to Wake Robin in Shelburne. That’s when they called the hazmat team. In a statement, state officials say ricin was found in an apartment… All areas where the substance was […]


Bioterrorism defense bust? Not cost-effective

Posted in Bioterrorism, Culture of Lickspittle, Ricin Kooks at 3:12 pm by George Smith

Long-term readers know the story of bioterrorism research in the United States. There was nothing that could not be funded because bioterror was inevitable and imminent. It was easy for bioterrorists to do. Allegedly. Fifteen years on from the anthrax mailings the US has still had only one bioterrorist. Bruce Ivins — who was an […]


Peanut butter poisoner/businessman gets life

Posted in Bioterrorism, Predator State, The Corporate Bund at 2:51 pm by George Smith

Stewart Parnell, CEO of Peanut Corporation of America, was effectively sent to prison for life for a salmonella epidemic caused by his company’s shipping of contaminated peanut butter in 2008. He was given 28 years in prison. The outbreak sickened over 700 and killed nine people outright. Parnell’s brother, also in the business, was given […]


Glass Jaw Day

Posted in Bioterrorism, Bombing Moe, Bombing Paupers, Culture of Lickspittle, Imminent Catastrophe, Permanent Fail, War On Terror at 2:02 pm by George Smith

Fourteen years ago Osama bin Laden showed the world the United States had a glass jaw. After one very hard hit, the world superpower would appear to rise up, united only to see its people and leaders fail in spectacular fashion as they abandoned all principles they thought they stood for. Fourteen years later, we’re […]


The Umbrella Corporation (still more)

Posted in Bioterrorism, War On Terror at 1:06 pm by George Smith

The New York Times: The Defense Department said Wednesday that it had mistakenly sent suspected live samples of anthrax to at least 51 laboratories in 17 states and three foreign countries, a higher number than officials had disclosed last week … Defense Department officials warned that the tally of labs that had received the shipments […]


The Umbrella Corporation

Posted in Bioterrorism, War On Terror at 3:24 pm by George Smith

The mailing of live anthrax spores gives everyone an accidental opportunity to see some of the outlines of the unique public sector/private sector infrastructure bought to fight bioterrorism. For example, see here, here, here, here, here and so on. We paid for the network. I suppose it’s nice to see what it’s up to every […]

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