Living like John McAfee

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A day old feature from the Toronto Star is here. McAfee was in Canada for a seven-day shoot on a documentary of his life, “Who is McAfee?” As well-publicized as he’s been it’s hard to imagine something of such short work winding up well-received. However, McAfee is a good self-serving interview and tells the newspaper […]


Living Like John McAfee

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Better, by far, than his blog. He’s a natural with strippers and could have a real future as an avuncular YouTube entertainer. And he’s right about the software. Once you get it off your system things work a whole lot better. Living like John McAfee — from the archives.


Living Like John McAfee

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Unsurprisingly, the first place ex-anti-virus king John McAfee apparently goes when he hits town is the local naked floozie-watching dive. Willamette Week, an altie weekly in Portland, reports McAfee is now there, espied at Mary’s Strip Club, posing for pictures with the local fauna. The guy who’s going to write the famous John McAfee graphic […]


Living Like John McAfee

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Nauseating picture of the day. Get the Tums. Says he’s going to move to England because the US is shite and won’t let him have his two hooker/girlfriends. Quote: I eat Marmite every day and love Tetley tea and treacle with custard. One could just see John McAfee buying Marmite, first thing, in South Beach […]


Living Like John McAfee — in Miami

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UPDATED Pix worth a thousand words. “Broke,” but staying at … The 20-year old girlfriend left in Guatemala. “I would like spend my declining years on the beach, fishing … I would like to go to England.” — John McAfee “‘Broke’: McAfee opens his new cell phone in his plush hotel room after saying he […]


John McAfee booted from Central America

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From the wire: Guatemalan immigration officials Wednesday afternoon deported John McAfee, who is headed to Miami, according to news reports. “I’m free, I’m going to America,” the software anti-virus pioneer said at the Guatemala City airport, the Associated Press says. He was escorted to the airport by immigration officials. Before leaving for the airport he […]


Living Like John McAfee

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The tycoon in a men’s adventure setting each week. The famous raconteur will call a lucky viewer or journalist in each episode to tell a fantastic story and extend an invite to his jungle home Resurrecting some bits I added in comments yesterday: This, from a NY Times piece on the media role, Gizmodo reporter […]


The Purpose Driven Life or Livin’ Like John McAfee

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Wrote itself. Play loud. Theme and film trailer for the upcoming cable reality show on National Geographic, Living Like John McAfee. Promotional tie-ins: graphic novel and tell-all books, also available for Kindle. Just in e-mail: I’m worried. You’re starting to become a news source for me.


ZAP! John McAfee seized

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John McAfee put on ice, breaking, from the wire: Anti-virus software guru John McAfee was arrested by Guatemalan police on Wednesday, for illegally entering the country, interior minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said. Earlier today: “Thank God I am in a place where there is some sanity,??? McAfee said. “I chose Guatemala carefully??? … [Now], all […]


The many intrigues of John McAfee: Ruin via media

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John McAfee’s goose is now well and truly cooked with the media. Few trust what he writes or says and the consensus opinion, although not always flatly stated, is he’s a drug addict despite regular denials. The media in the US realizes the truth is impossible to get from him since so much of his […]

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