Milzman ricin case ends

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Nineteen year old Georgetown U. student Danny Milzman has pled guilty to “making ricin.” Like everyone else in America, Milzman actually made castor powder, which contains some ricin. Allegedly inspired by the Walter White character in Breaking Bad, this is another sad case, one in which a troubled student made one serious lapse in judgment. […]


Like everyone else caught in ricin cases, Georgetown student Danny Milzman will not being going home soon

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After a brief state of grace in which a judge ruled that Georgetown student and ricin-maker Danny Milzman could be released to psychiatric treatment in the nation’s capitol, and then home, his case has reverted to standard procedure. All Americans who have been caught in ricin cases in the last fifteen years are jailed until […]


First ricin case suspect bailed, ever

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In the last twenty years, nobody has ever been released on bail in a ricin case. That’s NOBODY. Get arrested for making castor powder. Go to jail. Stay there. Eventually, prison. It’s what happens to everyone in this small uniquely American demographic. All that changed this week when Preston Rhoads of Oklahoma City was bailed […]


Ricin Wrap-up

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Last week saw an eruption of news on one of the genuinely exceptional things in our country: the small demographic of white usually guys who let an interest in castor seeds and poison lore get the best of them. It’s an interest that inevitably brings hazmat trucks and a joint anti-terrorism strike force to their […]


Party like Walter White, invite the anti-ricin squad

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Walter White toasts you, new young ricin men. American mass media and Google are not your friends. Together, they’ve created a peculiar and abnormal environment which manifests in increasingly unusual pathologies. Google search now judges the most relevant materials to be those selected through crowd-sourcing by idiots. And so it is elementary to find worthless […]


Growth careers: Anti-ricin squad

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The now familiar scene: A joint ricin beatdown task force comes to another quiet American neighborhood, this time in Oklahoma City. Preston Rhoads, 30, of Oklahoma City, is the latest ricin kook, investigated and arrested by the FBI and local police after a tip of some kind implicated him in a murder-for-hire plot. When authorities […]


The ricin lad said the darndest things about his favorite TV show. You and lawyers will scratch your heads!

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Young Georgetown ricin-maker, Danny Milzman, had a favorite TV show: Breaking Bad! In fact, if the lawyers in his case are to be taken at face value, one might say Breaking Bad broke him, in some hard to pin down way. I liked the show, too. Especially the end where Walter dies to Badfinger’s “Baby […]


Not so fast with the young ricin-maker, says another judge

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Yesterday I posted a long analysis on the case of young Danny Milzman of Georgetown U., the first ricin-maker ruled to be sent to for psychiatric treatment at a hospital, then release to his parents after two weeks. The government argued Milzman should be held without bond. If released to Sybil Memorial Hospital in the […]


Your heart will break at the plight of this bright young lad! Pass it on!

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Danny Milzman, the ricin-making student at Georgetown, may be a first in the past decade’s history of castor bean pounders in America. After today’s court appearance, Milzman’s attorney, Danny Onorato, was successful at getting him into an in-house psychiatric evaluation and treatment program at a hospital after which he would be released to home. The […]

This student’s tragic story will bring tears to your eyes! Then you’ll want to tell the world!

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Danny Milzman, of Georgetown, in better days. Contrast Danny Milzman’s media story and background with that of Nicholas Todd Helman, the same week. Both were 19-year-old men/boys. Danny Milzman made ricin at the posh school, Georgetown. He was a National Merit Scholar semi-finalist at Walt Whitman high in Bethesda, a public school for the upper […]

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