Doomsday Shovelers

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 2:28 pm by George Smith

Patron saint of Doomsday Preppers? While I’m not watching any more episodes of National Geographic’s pitiful series, Doomsday Preppers, that doesn’t mean press releases for it go unseen. Published to to maximize the appearance of one of the show’s profiled preppers, it advertises a a fellow who has unsurprisingly built a business on survivalism. For […]


Doomsday Preppers allegedly good for you, sez NatGeo flack

Posted in Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 10:57 am by George Smith

From USA Today readers learn National Geographic commissioned a survey to bolster its Doomsday Preppers series: The channel commissioned an online survey of 1,007 adults in the USA, and found that 61% of Americans believe the country will experience a major catastrophic event within the next 20 years, but only 15% feel they are fully […]


A new low

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Extremism at 10:02 am by George Smith

I went back on my promise not to watch National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. Perhaps I had misjudged it prematurely. No. If anything, I wasn’t strong enough in castigating it for cynically exploiting the pitiful, unbalanced ans obsessed. Electromagnetic pulse. Insanity in the belief that the poles will flip and shove the continents around. Grotesquely obese […]


Monetizing the kooks

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 4:48 pm by George Smith

Reality television is the perfect place for monetizing kooks. In this case it’s National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers series on what I’ve called End Timers. I caught a commercial and won’t be tuning in. (It begins airing Tuesday.) Topics common to the blog have already shown all one needs to know. The central focus, of course, […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Catastrophism story as tool of narrow special interest group

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 9:20 am by George Smith

National Georgraphic’s special on electromagnetic pulse doom was hijacked to the web just prior to the weekend. Originally, it was briefly shamed by Jason at Armchair Generalist here where you could see the initial trailer. However, publishing the entire thing to YouTube, where one assumes it will soon be yanked for copyright violation, allows the […]


The Fruits from the Tree of the Cult of EMP Crazy

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 8:31 am by George Smith

I’ve written repeatedly that the Cult of EMP Crazy is notoriously manipulative. It plays to the extremist crank, as if craziness and fractured ideas need to be encouraged and amplified in American society. It captivates fundamentalist religious zealots who welcome the end times because of the punishments they think will be meted out to everyone […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: HuffPost on a roll

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Phlogiston at 12:15 pm by George Smith

In the blink of an eye the Huffington Post has established itself as another flugel horn for the Cult of EMP Crazy. As well as a place where posters couldn’t be bothered in the slightest to read what their compatriots are writing on the same subject. Just as long as it all gets into the […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: HuffPost kook and others

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Why the World Doesn't Need US at 10:45 am by George Smith

The new story which the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy now regularly shills is that of the angry sun. The sun is waking up from a long period of quiet — which is true — and erupting solar storms and mass ejections may shatter advanced civilization, it goes. Just like in “The Road,” the movie […]


Job Openings at the CIA

Posted in War On Terror at 12:01 pm by George Smith

Bed-wetters and office clowns not sought. The next story took over a year to develop and carry out. I was writing for a newspaper’s features section but didn’t tell anyone about it until the work was finished. It remains a great read, one I’m still very proud of. And it’s relevant to our current national security […]


Good at being worst

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 10:48 am by George Smith

Corporate kleptocracy systemically hard on the most vulnerable: The United States has the highest rate of first-day deaths in babies than any other industrialized nation, according to a report released this week by the humanitarian group Save the Children … Babies born to the poorest mothers are 40 percent more likely to die than babies […]

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