Poverty in the economy of FU

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The Congressional Research Service continues to produce reports laden with information on major issues, analysis unlikely to be popular with one entire side of the political spectrum. For this, it deserves a pat on the back. Sadly, it would seem facts do have a liberal bias, to repeat a common saying some now find annoying. […]



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Jared Diamond, author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, earlier in the week in the New York Times: Conversely, geographic advantages donít guarantee permanent success, as the growing difficulties in Europe and America show. We Americans fail to provide superior education and economic incentives to much of our population. India, China and […]


Cisco is not your friend & corporate America hates you

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Earlier this year Cisco put its CEO, John Chambers, on 60 Minutes to attest how US corporate tax rates were preventing it from bringing profits and jobs home. Naturally, it was a lie. But the 60 Minutes segment was notably grabbed by Eric Cantor and uploaded under his name at YouTube. More recently Cisco has […]


Commies in Hollywood

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Posting has been low because I’m taking care of an ailing cat for a friend who has to be away. Anyway, I was eating dinner with another acquaintance yesterday when I mentioned one line from the atrocious blog I linked to over the weekend. “How was California lost?” it asked plaintively. Keep in mind, this […]


Laughable quote of the day re Bombing Moe

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From a Foreign Policy mag blog: “This is the greatest opportunity to realign our interests and our values,” a senior administration official said at the meeting, telling the experts this sentence came from Obama himself. The president was referring to the broader change going on in the Middle East and the need to rebalance U.S. […]

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