National militarization

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Racism and over-militarized police forces have combined in Ferguson to produce another uniquely American disaster. The result: A domestic unrest that could easily be duplicated in other cities around the country. A black American civilian community, justifiably outraged and angry over the killing of one of its own by police was set upon by a […]


Military/private sector still flogging the pain ray

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Over the last decade, the US military’s pain ray — a clumsy weapon that uses millimeter waves to burn the outer skin layer of targets by making the water molecules twitch — has been a public relations disaster. No one wants to see their career go down in flames over it, accused of torturing civilians. […]


Non-lethals and OWS on MSNBC

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Yesterday the Maddow Show devoted a short segment to non-lethal weapons and the OWS protests. It started with a showing of graphics and citations on the more exotic and menacing versions developed for the US military in the last few years. First up was the microwaving pain ray, aka The Sheriff, written about many times […]


Welcome to the Future

Posted in Crazy Weapons, War On Terror, Why the World Doesn't Need US at 6:51 am by George Smith

Predictably, Raytheon’s pain ray has generated quite a bit of bad publicity along with the usual brief corporate news pieces in which a local TV station or paper sends a reporter to be a trial gimp. The reporter invariably giggles and jumps out of the way as Raytheon technicians or jailers look impishly on. See […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Pain ray to shoot people who can’t shoot back in LA

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Stumble and Fail, War On Terror at 10:57 am by George Smith

In watching Fox News this morning, DD caught a Megyn Kelly segment on the latest whereabouts of the Active Denial System, or pain ray. I last wrote of it in July when the US military withdrew the thing from Afghanistan without ever having used it. Summing up: One imagines very few sane US military leaders […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Wonder weapon sacked as potential publicity disaster

Posted in Crazy Weapons, War On Terror at 7:49 am by George Smith

Over at Armchair Generalist, J notes the US military has withdrawn the Active Denial System, formerly known as the Sheriff, aka the Hummer mounted millimeter wave pain ray — from Afghanistan. He writes: [The] US military is pulling its “less-than-lethal” Active Denial System out of Afghanistan after just deploying it there a short while ago. […]


Tom Friedman’s Cream Pie Moments

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, War On Terror at 2:37 pm by George Smith

Last week Tom Friedman was bowled over by American servicemen and their multi-billion dollar war network infrastructure at Al Udeid airbase in Qatar. It’s in service to what Friedman loves, traveling the world to bring back what he thinks are teachable examples of how things are done with excellence for the rest of us. First […]


Trade and the mouthpiece of the meritocracy

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Made in China at 12:23 pm by George Smith

Since the advent of Trump the New York Times has gone all in for defending the meritocracy status quo. Partof the duty is taken up in defense of global trade. It’s all good. Tariffs are bad. Today the newspaper delivers a ‘splainer that’s part of the effort in Who Wins and and Who Loses if […]


Who Mourns for BitCoin Elvis?

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Fiat money fear and loathers at 1:41 pm by George Smith

Stupid people! I am not BitCoin Elvis! Now, which of you is going to buy me lunch? It’s a good parlor trick. How do you prove you are or you aren’t the Satoshi Nakamoto of interest? Why, you just run off into your bedroom and post a denial in an old chat forum. Or get […]


The many intrigues of John McAfee: Ruin via media

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 6:52 pm by George Smith

John McAfee’s goose is now well and truly cooked with the media. Few trust what he writes or says and the consensus opinion, although not always flatly stated, is he’s a drug addict despite regular denials. The media in the US realizes the truth is impossible to get from him since so much of his […]

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