Anthrax Conspiracy Party

Posted in Bioterrorism, Extremism at 3:27 pm by George Smith

For the past couple weeks, DD and a couple colleagues who’ve been known to cover the subject of bioterrorism have been mailed notices of a recent meeting in Washington, DC, on the matter of Bruce Ivins. And because of the way the anthrax investigation was handled, it generated a body of lore perfectly suited as […]


Matsumoto and Anthrax Conspiracy

Posted in Bioterrorism at 12:15 pm by George Smith

Last month DD posted on conspiracy thinking and the anthrax case here. That article dealt with the original thinking that the anthrax in the mail had been weaponized in some special manner. And that notion was subsequently carried over into arguments that Bruce Ivins could not have been the culprit because he did not know […]


Anthrax: From ‘Science’ to conspiracy

Posted in Bioterrorism at 9:54 am by George Smith

Yesterday, Science magazine published a news article entitled: “Silicon Mystery Endures in Solved Anthrax Case.” Here. “What about the silicon?” asks the piece. That question has confounded investigators throughout the probe into the 2001 anthrax letter attacks, which the U.S. government formally concluded in February. Scientists inside and outside the government say there is clear […]


Anthrax deniers keep trying to clear Ivins with their word processors

Posted in Bioterrorism at 12:03 pm by George Smith

The New York Times again did no one any favors in pushing another story on the regular campaign, by a few from the fringe, to revise the anthrax case. It’s the anthrax Ivins-denial-and-conspiracy crew, keeping up the effort to clear the man through the power of their word processors. . In this case, it’s a […]


Anthrax: Case and flask closed

Posted in Bioterrorism, War On Terror at 7:52 am by George Smith

When the US government closed the anthrax case recently, the committee to clear Bruce Ivins and all the conspiracy theorists again emerged from the closet. Because the case took so long and the bioterrorist was at the center of the US biodefense research community, careers and reputations were made and lost on it. The Department […]


NRC report on Amerithrax science shows rigor and prudence

Posted in Bioterrorism at 11:09 am by George Smith

The National Research Council’s report today on the science of the FBI’s Amerithrax investigation upheld the value of careful rigorous work. It stopped well short of condemning any of the FBI’s work on the case and did not particularly lend itself to cries for the exoneration of Bruce Ivins. It also generated enough confusion and […]


EMP Crazy and Ivins Denier

Posted in Bioterrorism, Crazy Weapons at 12:20 pm by George Smith

Maryland GOP Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has the great distinction of not only being one of the chieftains of the Cult of EMP Crazy but, now, also a member of the anthrax conspiracy club. Aiding Rush Holt, Bartlett is a co-sponsor of a rider attached to the recent intelligence funding bill. The rider asks the administration […]


Rotten peanuts

Posted in Bioterrorism, Predator State at 10:03 am by George Smith

The wheels of justice grind slowly. The Bush administration spent a great deal of time in office building up homeland security defenses against mostly-imagined threats in biological and chemical terrorism. On the domestic side it did all it could to destroy food safety by getting rid of regulators. The years of the Bush presidency could […]


First we fire all the lawyers

Posted in Bioterrorism, Extremism at 9:44 am by George Smith

An idle mind is the devil’s playground. That’s a flip way to describe the recent intersection of stupid Dept. of Justice lawyers and the continuing mainstream media interest in anthrax mailer Bruce Ivins. Throw in the mythology surrounding the dead man’s case. It will never die. Stir vigorously. So the latest new skin mole with […]


Creepy Bruce — the book

Posted in Bioterrorism, Rock 'n' Roll at 8:24 am by George Smith

Creepy Bruce, the anthraxer and country music artist. On Sunday, the LA Times published an excerpt from David Willman’s upcoming book, Mirage Man: Bruce Ivins, the Anthrax Attacks and America’s Rush to War. There’s nothing new here but it does personalize Ivins’ psychotic behavior with a special focus on his obsession with a national sorority, […]

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