Empire of Bezos: GI Joe s— as lit

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Since Jeff Bezos’ attempts to become a physical book publisher have been fought well at the retail level, Amazon has expanded its imprints to publishing only for the digital world. You can see much of it at apub dot com. 47North, for example, is a digital Kindle imprint devoted to horror and science-fiction. A look […]



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Fiore, perfectly, on material with which readers are dreadfully familiar. Drink deep of the phogiston and mentufactury [1]. As a side note, the Fiore cartoon illustrates the hype of the tech giants now occurring almost weekly. When anyone gets to do overdoing things so frequently, you know they’re your enemies. Whatever world they’re in, it […]


Make money the Jeff Bezos way!

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Get people to work in your warehouses for virtually nothing, at Christmas! Tell them it’ll make cash for their favorite charity. But don’t really share much of the profit because this is the sharing economy, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Ho! Ho! Ho! From Delaware Liberal: Amazon.com Offers Holiday […]


Empire of Bezos Misdirection Play

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Classic Culture of Lickspittle. When the bad press starts piling up about digital sweat-shopping, underpaying and overworking labor in the fulfillment warehouses until they drop, air out some absurd thing, yell “innovation,” and hope it will distract everyone from all the crap reality. On 60 Minutes, which I don’t watch, but you couldn’t miss the […]


Post rescue: The Amazing Mr. Bezos

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Did you know that you can be unqualified for even the most elementary and miserly jobs on Jeff Bezos’ Mechanical Turk? Yes, you might be so lacking you can’t even be an automaton. Proven again and again, you can apply for human intelligence tasks on Bezos’ digital work bazaar, none of which earn over a […]


Rebellion against the Empire of Bezos

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From the Washington Post, and others, news that many are as sick of Jeff Bezos and Amazon as this blog: “Care of Wooden Floors,??? by Will Wiles, is the kind of novel you’d expect to see on a “staff picks??? shelf at an independent bookstore. A slim but sophisticated farce by a relatively unknown author, […]


The brilliant Mr. Bezos — he knows what customers want

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From the Financial Times: Mr Bezos does not have an obvious deputy, but former employees say its most influential senior executives are fearsomely smart. The unified way they repeat Mr Bezos’s mantras suggests they are so well drilled that the company could tick over without him for a while. [Mr Bezos] said he was focused […]


Jeff Bezos’ plan to make more people miserable

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The entire business strategy of Amazon revolves around devaluing labor, compressing prices, and taking the swag difference for itself. With Mechanical Turk, it’s getting people to work on-line for free or almost so for the sake of small social parasite businesses. With Amazon shopping, it’s to put warehouses around the country, hire people at lousy […]


Jeff Bezos upgrades his sweat shops

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 1:12 pm by George Smith

What a swell guy: When protesters at Amazon.com’s (AMZN) annual meeting blasted the e-commerce giant for subjecting warehouse workers to triple-digit temperatures, company executives were the ones feeling the heat. CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the company will spend $52 million adding air-conditioning to its network of warehouses, the Seattle Times reported and Amazon spokeswoman […]


Can I pay you in gum? (Notes from the Bezos virtual sweat shop)

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Decline and Fall at 1:15 pm by George Smith

Today’s notes from the Jeff Bezos virtual sweatshop known as Mechanical Turk furnish more odium. Whenever you think you’ll just bust if things don’t get more amoral and depraved in pursuit of profit in corporate America, there’s Mechanical Turn to cheer you up and reward. First question: Who actually does jobs that pay $.02, take […]

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