Jerry Boykin, Glenn Beck, Cult of EMP Crazy

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Jerry Boykin, in the news recently for being chosen to lead a prayer breakfast at West Point, was recently featured on Glenn Beck. That video from Beck’s TV show is here. Since being dismissed from Fox, Beck isn’t nearly as famous or influential. Here he laments Boykin’s withdrawal from the West Point prayer breakfast after […]


America’s Wehrmacht (the series)

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Today was “Who loves America’s Wehrmacht more?” Day. Is it Donald Trump? Or Hillary Clinton? Hard to say, it’s almost dead even. Politico notes the Clinton campaign is running a television ad in which Trump says “I love war:” The 30-second ad, out Tuesday, is titled “I Love War.” It features Trump uttering the phrase, […]


A Rock the Fort show that would take balls

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I’m astonished by the level of mediocrity in ideas and words it takes to touch off a controversy in some part of the military. It sure doesn’t take much to put the feeble minds on edge. You read about Marine Gary Stein and expect fire-breathing. The reality is a dullard who can’t write and a […]


An old tool back in the news

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Pete Hoekstra, an old Republican tool from Michigan who has occasionally appeared in this blog, is big news today for his Super Bowl ad. In trying to drum up fear of his opponent, it invokes the Yellow Peril with an Asian American actress speaking in stilted, jeering English, while on a bicycle riding out of […]


Excrement magnet chosen to speak at West Point

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Jerry Boykin, for want of a better description — America’s answer to Otto Skorzeny — is in the news again for being chosen to speak at a West Point prayer breakfast. Over the course of the war on terror Boykin has routinely been associated with a special version of repellent crackpot extremism. Here’s a video […]


Nugent hates on Muslims again

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This time at Human Events, Ted Nugent — parrot for the Tea Party, shoeshine boy for the extreme right plutocracy, and the very poor man’s John Galt — goes at it here. Usually Nugent can reliably be counted upon to hate on Europe, particularly France. Curiously, in this column, he does not. Europe and France […]


Cult of EMP Crazy: Now a caucus

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The GOP-controlled House now officially has a Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy caucus. Started by EMP crazy Trent Franks, the official announcement is here. Franks is a birther and doesn’t believe in evolution or global warming. He is famously known for this quote: “Far more of the African-American community is being devastated by the policies […]


Cult of EMP Crazy — The Congressional Nuisance

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UPDATED If there is an alternative illustrative definition to the word persistent in the dictionary, it is the Cult of EMP Crazy. It is a fringe group of GOP politicians and staffers who are the most extreme among the extremists. They encapsulate the worst aspects of our political culture (the new normal, in other words) […]


Tea Party lunatic as Jack Ripper

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From Crooks & Liars, a good ad hoc video juxtaposing Sterling Hayden’s “fluoride, precious bodily fluids and commies” moments with Jerry Boykin on infiltration. Many have previously noticed the similarities between the extremist paranoid GOP/Tea Party and the Strangelove psychosis with contamination of the American body. Most recently, Ted Nugent — acting as a mouthpiece […]