Crazy Mean Ted Nugent — MC of Coalstock

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Ted Nugent once was a great rock musician. Now he’s just astonishingly crazy and mean, inflammatory for the sake of cruelty and outrage. This fits his role as one of the new mega-mouthpieces of the crazy and mean Republican Party. If one takes Nugent’s writings and regular public utterances even half seriously, he is by […]


Mine Blast from the Past

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Ol’ Uncle Contemptible, Ted Nugent, paid by Don Blankenship, at “Coalstock” in 2009. This week Don Blankenship of Massey energy was indicted by the US government for his role in a calamitous explosion at one of his company’s coal mines in 2010. From the New York Times: The former chief executive of the company involved […]


The Parody

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Mass unemployment and economic collapse said to be due to the death tax. Ted Nugent: The criminally anti-American death tax and counterproductive capital gains tax need to be eliminated. Instead of having the highest corporate tax rate in the world, we need to have the lowest. That would eliminate unemployment. “The president and his masterful […]


The Parody: So weird, words fail

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Thomas Frank’s Pity the Billionaire abounds with examples of Tea Party patriots making up American history and concocting stories and beliefs which have zero connection with the real world. In fact, they often go so far as to be the diametric opposite of what is common experience. Example: There is no better instance of this […]


Ted — fit for a rewrite of Dickens

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Many have surely noticed that a lot of the current US doesn’t really support the way A Christmas Carol or It’s a Wonderful Life turned out. Sure, everyone pays lip service to these stories. But if people were honest with themselves, surely a lot would admit a sneaking desire to see a Xmas movie where […]


Nugent hears GOP dogwhistle, hates on Wisconsin protesters

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DD is surprised it took Ted Nugent almost a week to begin hating on the Wisconsin teachers. His contempt for unions, particularly those serving the middle class of his old home state, Michigan, is well known. And his loathing of auto-workers is probably one of a few reasons the person once known as the Motor […]


The Pathetically Stupid Man

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A bookend to yesterday’s “Varmint Hunter” piece on Ted Nugent advocating the shooting of feral cats. Today, Nugent goes after the Dept. of Energy. He has a hate on for Steven Chu and wants the agency destroyed. Nugent, who never pays attention to anything, makes the assumption that federal agencies never report to the US […]


The Kids Were All Right

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Crazy mean Ted Nugent was at Northern Michigan University recently. To talk to students. It’s amusing on many levels, since Ted’s a gold-plated fool and schools are theoretically supposed to be devoted to broadening one’s horizons, rather than narrowing them to a Nugent-y crabbishness. On the other hand, a Nugent lecture could be considered mind-expanding […]