The Purpose Driven Life of the Libertarian Public Nuisance

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Plastic 3D gun maker and wanna-be BitCoin wallet developer Cody Wilson has been given a quarter of a million dollar book deal by Simon & Schuster for his story: “The whole point to me is to add to the hacker mythology and to have a very, very accurate and contentious portrayal of what we think […]


The perfect ‘money’ for our time

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The tech nuisance demographic that supports bitcoin is a subset of the right wing libertarian tribe. They view it as a way to do their part in destroying tyrannical government. Cody Wilson, for example, the young pest who was sure his 3D-printed plastic gun plans were a strike at government until the US ITAR rules […]


Self-driving car Kool-Aid

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Nick Bilton, the New York Times tech journalist who gave the country Cody Wilson and the 3D-manufactured plastic gun fills up space today with the future urban paradise created by the self-driving car. It’s something only one of the privileged shoeshine boys of American tech plutocracy could write. Self-driving cars will always be for the […]


Bean Pounding: No explanation possible

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There are no answers here. From the wire: A Federal Grand Jury indicted a Browne’s Addition man Wednesday for allegedly mailing five letters laced with ricin. Matthew Ryan Buquet faces life in prison if a jury finds him guilty. Buquet sent ricin-tainted mail to the White House, Fairchild AFB, a judge in Spokane and the […]


Fighting the image conferred by the purpose driven nuisance

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If you’re a 3-D printing nerd, what’s not to like here? In the Culture of Lickspittle, the odious rise to the top. In this manner, 3-D print manufacturing, at least for the short term, is saddled with the image that it’s a bunch of libertarian white nerds and insurrectionists obsessed with making plastic weapons. To […]


Bean Pounding (a new one)

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Not another. Infatuated with his smartphone, too. Matthew Ryan Buquet has been arrested by the FBI in connection with the recent mailing of two more ricin letters in Spokane, WA. Over the weekend, his apartment was raided and today he was arrested. Buquet is on Facebook. He likes “Hannibal,” the tv show, PSY’s new single, […]


The Purpose Driven Nuisance

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Infamous plastic 3D gun-printing schnook Cody Wilson had more good things happen to him this week when a division of the US government ordered him to take down his digital gun plan for violating the ITAR. It was promptly rehosted on the Pirate Bay. And I am sure his many libertarian supporters banged their keyboards […]


The Purpose Driven Life

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The now infamous Cody Wilson successfully fired a 3D printed plastic pistol one time by hand, without maiming himself. The tech press went wild. From Forbes, Wilson’s intellectually flimsy rationalization for making what is called the “Liberator:” “[Cody Wilson] prefers to think of his Liberator in the same terms as its namesake, the one built […]


The Purpose Driven Life

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From deep inna hart of WhiteManistan, worth 10,000 words. Above, Cody Wilson, the now much publicized University of Texas student determined to make 3-D manufacturing plastic gun plans available to everyone via the Internet. From the Guardian, after having his first rented 3D printer repossessed by the leasing company: Defense Distributed has applied to the […]


Cowering before the gun lobby

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Posh Christmas catalog in the US or what Adam Lanza used? Is that all that can be done? The early returns aren’t optimistic. From a Michigan newspaper, the usual intelligence-insulting extremist script on self-defense as justifications for a right-to-concealed carry law rammed through the Republican held legislature hours before Newtown: Backers say the tragedy is […]