Community college as a verb (continued)

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An old friend from the Lehigh Valley saw the link to the Community College as a verb post on Facebook and had this to say: I remember losing my chemical processing job to NAFTA in the mid nineties in PA. Went to community college to brush up on some math courses but economics sent me […]


Community college as a verb

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Today’s perfect selections from the Culture of Lickspittle, pieces from the blogging editorial team at the Atlantic, some of the worst and most patronizing assholes on the net, solving the problems of sluggish US growth, mass unemployment and inequality. These days, everyone plays the stupid riff about community college being the Philosopher’s Stone for turning […]


Delusional thinking about world history, community college and other things

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In today’s New York Times, Roger Cohen has a piece that compares Europe and the US. It begins by focusing on the old meme of ‘can-do’ American exceptionalism and history, trying to point out how Europe was exhausted after the bloodlettings of the World Wars while we were poised to leap ahead. This is tired […]


Obsession with community college as engine of renewal and innovation

Posted in Permanent Fail at 1:16 pm by George Smith

For at least a year the president has regularly hit on community colleges as engines for revitalizing the economy. It’s an obsession, now taken up by many others, one used as a crutch to beat off substantive thought on really troublesome issues. The discussion goes a couple different ways. One was featured on Ratigan last […]


GE’s tax avoiding Jeff Immelt moves on

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Six years after the Taxavoidination (GE and Jeff) tune/video, Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, has moved on. From the wire: General Electric announced Monday that Jeffrey Immelt retired as director and chairman of the company’s board of directors, about two months earlier than expected. In June, GE said Immelt would retire from the board […]


The Retraining Scam

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In from the Snake Oil for What Ails You Desk: I’m a registered Dem and retraining is the swill the Party’s neoliberal leaders have peddled for the last 20 or so years. Back to school with you. It’s the only answer the Democratic Party has had for people shed by de-industrialization and the conversion of […]


The result of decades of corporate parasitism in higher education

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A short video explains what universities and community colleges have been polishing since when I left with a doctorate thirty years ago. In fact, my first job straight out of school was in this developing mechanism. Now it’s a nationwide parasitic machine, one that reduces a majority of the teaching staff to penury, migrant workers […]


The MRAP: Now another ridiculous symbol of deep social and governmental dysfunction

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A Congresswoman, Claire McCaskill, put online a tabulation of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles sent to American police departments since 2011. Its numbers are linked to police departments with less than ten active duty police officers and, by state, how the total number exceeds the numbers possessed by National Guard units. (Hint: Most state […]


Saturday in the Corporate Bund

Posted in The Corporate Bund at 12:44 pm by George Smith

Today’s speech from the White House, an excerpt: “This week, Vice President Biden will release a report heís been working on to reform our job training system into a job-driven training system. And Iíll visit a community college in L.A. thatís retraining workers for careers in the fast-growing health care sector. Because every worker deserves […]


Americans don’t know science: Don’t blame me

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Americans don’t know science and as I enter the last quarter of my life I don’t care. I tried to fight the battle for years, starting long ago, and lost. It’s not entirely the fault of the citizenry or education. It’s because, quite frequently, the American economy and system didn’t actually want a lot of […]

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