Serialization: VCL

Posted in Virus Creation Labs at 12:46 pm by George Smith

Now eighteen years old, The Virus Creation Labs, my only book still serves as a slice of history. It’s time to serialize interesting parts of it with new annotation. Today malware creation is worlds away from 1994 when the most successful viruses needed to travel on diskettes and through digital trades on telephone lines, to […]


The Joker

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 11:03 am by George Smith

Lord spare us once again from 60 Minutes whoopie cushion news of things to come, deadeningly promised and threatened for as long as I’ve been in cyberspace: Panetta: The reality is that there is the cyber capability to basically bring down our power grid to create … to paralyze our financial system in this country […]


Mic Check: Electronic Pearl Habor meme-ing for the plutocracy

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 2:21 pm by George Smith

“U.S. national security endangered by China’s army of hackers,” reads the subhed in an opinion piece a couple days ago at the WaTimes. From old man author William Triplett III: In November 1997, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism that “we’re facing the possibility of an electronic Pearl Harbor. […]


Cisco is not your friend & corporate America hates you

Posted in Decline and Fall, Made in China at 10:06 am by George Smith

Earlier this year Cisco put its CEO, John Chambers, on 60 Minutes to attest how US corporate tax rates were preventing it from bringing profits and jobs home. Naturally, it was a lie. But the 60 Minutes segment was notably grabbed by Eric Cantor and uploaded under his name at YouTube. More recently Cisco has […]


Driver’s license fail: Unintended consequences of the war on terror

Posted in Permanent Fail, War On Terror at 12:42 pm by George Smith

If you live outside California you probably haven’t heard the tale of fail concerning the state’s new driver license. It’s been going on in slow motion for months. And it has resulted in massive backlogs of unfulfilled license renewals, people driving without valid licenses because they have no other choice, and the boondoggle of using […]


Made In China: Guitar Center Catalog, crap stories about military gains

Posted in Made in China at 2:02 pm by George Smith

The US press continues to massage stories on China’s alleged rising military and how it poses an imagined regional threat to the biggest armed force in history — ours. They are repellent pieces, flying in the face of common sense and evidence as plain as the nose on your face and now hanging in US […]


Economic Treason: Middle class whacked while arms manufacturing flourishes, case Michigan

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail, Predator State at 6:05 pm by George Smith

The Great Recession caused by Wall Street whacked almost all of the middle class in the United States. Newspaper articles and the opinions of economists discuss the the mass unemployment and hardship caused by it daily. However, there are some industries which escaped the Great Recession, one because of massive government bailout, another because it […]


Inequality and Poverty in Pasadena

Posted in Census, Stumble and Fail at 9:55 am by George Smith

UPDATED Last week I mentioned once again that doing census work allowed one to see the truly radical poverty in Pasadena. This in connection with Ted Nugent’s voicing of the usual far right cant that poor people are so because they are unproductive and lazy. It is an argument that seeks to reset any discussion […]


Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy and The Short Count

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 6:29 pm by George Smith

In today’s Washington Times, Arnaud de Borchgrave, often called ‘the Short Count’ behind closed doors, if he is called at all, writes about how a neocon thinks the Obama administration can save and revitalize the country. Bomb Iran! The Short Count writes: Mr. Obama is floundering as he tries to reset his presidency on economics. […]


Sit Home and Rot

Posted in Phlogiston, Predator State, War On Terror at 9:16 pm by George Smith

Today’s post points toward a column, written by the well-known Barbara Ehrenreich, on another uniquely American sham: That job-hunting is your new job. So get to it. (Incidentally, Ehrenreich — aside from being the most well-known author and critic on the nature of the workplace in modern America, is the public face of United Professionals, […]

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