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This week, an interesting story on counterfeit iKit at the New York Times, obtained walking the New York beat. Readers may recall DD blog chasing around Chinese counterfeits of American brand name guitars, boldly advertised by the Washington Post in a national campaign tied to AdSense-like streaming ads. This website disrupted that campaign but in […]


Stamping out the menace of counterfeit pro football jerseys

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With much fanfare, the Dept of Justice today announced the seizure of 150 Internet domains trafficking in counterfeit merchandise. And what intellectual property was protected? Mostly football jerseys, some sneakers and handbags. The best of the nation’s treasure going out the door. Until today. When it was finally stopped. Spending your money in defense of […]


Made in China: Counterfeiting bites military

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Unsurprising, really. If they counterfeit US premium guitars, why not chips for old warplanes like the F-15? From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: An investigation by Channel 2’s Jim Strickland revealed fake chips have been discovered at a Georgia military base and at a Roswell military supplier. Technicians repairing an F-15 flight computer at Robins Air […]


More Chinese counterfeit ad funnies

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From the WaTimes today, the first snap depicting the ad for Chinese counterfeit guitars over a book review about conflict with China: Full size snap here. The second — the ad for Chinese counterfeit guitars spun out over a piece on Google being penalized by the Justice Dept. for selling ads for illegal Canadian pills […]


WaTimes and counterfeiting funnies

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Today, at the Washington Times — the de facto right wing newspaper of the capitol, this unintentionally hilarious tableau: Larger snapshot here. In case you’re late in on this series, the banner ad above the opinion piece is for a Chinese internet trading site selling counterfeit American electric guitars. The opinion is a Congressional politician’s […]


Made In China: Chasing more Gibson counterfeits in Google Adsense

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Yesterday I wrote about Chinese ads selling counterfeit American electric guitars to YouTube. From the the frontpage of the Washington Post website the previous week, to a smaller picture ad spun out by Google Adsense/AdWwords and tied to guitar star demonstration videos. In yesterday’s case it was sales pitching for fake Paul Reed Smiths. Google […]


Made in China: Counterfeit Paul Reed Smith guitars

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After DD screwed up the plan for selling counterfeit guitars through the Washington Post ad feed last week — and I did screw it up a bit — Google property has now been enlisted. The same Chinese-made “brand” guitar selling site now hitches to Google AdSense on YouTube, where they’re attached to guitar store demos. […]


Counterfeit Gibson Les Pauls (continued)

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UPDATED Unsurprisingly, YouTube has a fair amount of home video devoted to Chinese manufactured Gibson guitars. The devil’s bargain forged by American manufacturing offshored to that country has resulted in an obvious ambivalence in American guys. The counterfeits sell to American guitarists who can’t resist what they believe are great bargains. They know the goods […]


Made in China: Les Paul counterfeits

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UPDATED Rarely does stuff like this fall into your lap. Some readers may recall my continued posts about American classic rock electric guitar making being offshored to China. This was part of a decade long migration aimed at taking advantage of cheap overseas labor while trying to preserve a high end customer base for much […]


Tariff terrors?

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From the Dept. of Just Sayin’: In the dollar store, almost everything is from China. I shop at the dollar store for almost everything! Like tens of million in the rigged US economy. If President Trump slaps a 47 percent tariff on everything from China, the dollar store becomes the buck and a half store. […]

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